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Many of you will not know much about how our local Churches are financed. Surprisingly, local Churches receive no direct funding from the Church of England (CofE). Just to keep St Mary’s open and running last year cost about £40,000 with about £17,000 paid to the Diocese for clergy and central costs. That latter figure is linked to the number of people who attend church regularly.

Naturally costs are expected to go up along with much else and along with many other charities we suffered a very substantial loss of income of about 40% because of the Covid crisis. This has meant that we have struggled to pay our way as a parish and we face a considerable financial challenge even if things get back to normal fairly quickly. The main loss of income was because we could not meet in our churches, hold events and thus of course the ‘plate collection’ has been well down.

While we do appreciate that many of you will be facing financial hardships this year and that there are many other worthwhile causes, if you can, please consider helping your Church to pay its way by clicking on the purple P.

Please take a look at our Church Giving Appeal (PDF)

Our Giving Appeal details all the different ways you can support our Churches and provides additional contact information should you have any questions.

Please note that the Peoples Fundraising online donation option is for St Mary’s and St Andrew’s. If you wish to help St Rumbold’s please refer to the Giving Appeal PDF for details.

For all our Churches please consider using Gift Aid if you qualify, as that boosts our income at no cost to you.

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