The Church of England in St Mary’s, Sixpenny Handley,
Gussage St Andrew and St Rumbold’s, Pentridge.
Panorama images inside St Mary’s, by Hugh Anderson, November 2011

Explore St Mary the Virgin, Sixpenny Handley as if you were there! These panoramas were kindly taken by Hugh Anderson. Requires Flash plugin.

Take a tour! The tour panorama starts in front of the altar. Within the panorama you’ll see little red arrows. Click on these to jump to that part of the church. Drag the mouse around the picture to move the panorama. The on-screen controls allow you to zoom in and out and return to centre etc.

Take the tour

You can also view the individual panoramas in high quality - great for the full-screen option. These panoramas are typically about 6MB each. Click the numbers on the church plan below to view them.

An earlier panorama by Martin Hyne, married in St Mary’s in 2005, shows the church when the tower was open.

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